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Talking Business is based in the breathtaking province of Huelva in Andalusia, Spain.


What we do: 

We provide high quality personalised English classes online for adults since 2013. 


We specialise in:

  • speaking fluency

  • communication skills in English

  • building self confidence 

Our mindset:

  • Language learning is based on specific goal setting, deliberate practice and expert feedback. 

Mark J.E. Walker

Managing Director

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and after finishing Philosophy and Politics at Queen's University Belfast I came to Spain on a motorbiking adventure, fell in love with the country and culture and decided to stay. 

In the 1990's I set up a private training school for languages, administration courses and IT, as well as a bilingual nursery school. 


In the early 2000's I switched to IT and Tourism, set up an online booking engine for Huelva and got heavily into all things digital. 


Now I'm back to teaching and training with Talking Business. I recently completed a master's in language teaching and so now I'm aligning all my passions: personal growth, languages and business. 


I love nature, dogs, reading, playing the guitar and everything business, especially entrepreneurship and innovation.    

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